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To bring you Relaxation and Affirmation 

Specialist weight management psychologist Glenn Mackintosh brings together:

  • Over 10,000 hours of clinical weight management experience 
  • Cutting edge research from the academic world
  • Powerful psychological techniques for transformation 

Relaxation and Affirmation is perfect for people looking to relax and sleep well, learn how to transcend emotional eating, and develop the mindset for weight management success. Each session begins with a different relaxation to help guide you into a powerfully therapeutic trance-state, as well as show you a way of relaxing (without food). When you relax and sleep well you will manage your weight more successfully, and with each session finishing with mindset affirmations, you can transform your mind for weight success at the same time.

Here is what you will cover in your
meditations with Glenn

The program consists of 7 Meditations, each beginning with a Relaxation (10-20 mins) and finishing with Affirmations (20-30 mins). 

  • Session 1 - Mindfulness
    This session helps you transcend emotional eating through understanding your emotional eating, and helps you be mindful to make healthy choices.
  •  Session 2 - Motivation
    This session helps you transcend emotional eating through restful relaxations, and helps you feel motivated to make healthy choices.
  •  Session 3 - Perspective
    This session helps you transcend emotional eating through active relaxations and a powerful mental strategy, and helps you develop positive perspectives on eating, drinking, physical activity and weight.
  •  Session 4 - Balance
    This session helps you transcend emotional eating through connecting with nature and a second powerful mental strategy, and helps you into aim for balanced and sustainable eating, drinking and physical activity habits.
  •  Session 5 - Patience
    This session helps you transcend emotional eating through "calorie conscious consuming" and a third powerful mental strategy.
  • Session 6 - Persistence
    This session helps transcend emotional eating through applying powerful emotional acceptance principals, and helps you be persistent when experiencing setbacks.
  • Session 7 - Confidence
    This session allows you to practice your ability to relax, reflect on transcending emotional eating, and helps you feel confident about reaching and maintaining your new behaviours and ideal weight. 

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