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To bring you Weight Off Your Mind

Specialist weight management psychologist Glenn Mackintosh brings together:

  • Over 10,000 hours of clinical weight management experience 
  • Cutting edge research from the academic world
  • Powerful psychological techniques for transformation 

Weight Off Your Mind is perfect for people who wanting to learn to love their bodies, themselves, and life more, and can be listened to in a variety of situations (including while driving).

Many people lose weight to feel better about their bodies, like themselves more, and get more enjoyment from life. This series is designed to help you reach these goals through changing your mindset as well as your waistline. People who feel better about their bodies, themselves, and their lives do better with weight management, so Weight Off Your Mind makes your journey more enjoyable and more successful.

    Here is what you will cover in your
    sessions with Glenn

    Each session consists of 3 audio tracks varying from 10 to 30 minutes. Unlike Relaxation and Affirmation and Walking Companion, these sessions contain no hypnosis, and can be listened to anywhere you would listen to music or the radio. 

    • Session 1 - Appreciate your body
      This session helps you appreciate your body more through challenging harmful appearance assumptions and improving your body-image thoughts and actions. 
    •  Session 2 - Value yourself
      This session helps you value yourself more through revealing your innate value and improving your self-esteem thoughts and actions. 
    • ​ Session 3 - Enjoy your life
      This session helps you enjoy your life more by developing gratefulness, dealing with unhelpful thoughts, and improving your life in other important ways. 

    What You’ll Get...

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    iPods, iPads, iPhones and other Smart phones. 

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