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Hypnotherapy involves being voluntarily guided into a state of awareness where the mind is more accepting of positive suggestions for change.  As a simple example, the practical suggestion “Begin to have more alcohol-free days” may be somewhat effective in itself, but under hypnosis the suggestion may have a more profound effect. Weight Management Psychology psychologists use hypnotherapy in an appropriate and ethical manner with willing clients to help achieve more sustainable health behaviour improvements.

Meta-Analysis on Hypnosis for weight management discusses the potential short- and long-term benefits in detail.  We acknowledge the quality of studies included in this analysis is not high, but feel with promising initial research and clinical experience of the effectiveness of hypnotherapy, including hypnosis as an available therapy adds a significant benefit to many of our clients.  As research shows attempts to lose weight are often harmful in the medium- to long-term, rather than focus on weight loss, we use hypnotic principles to help create healthy habits, holistic health improvements, and acceptance of your natural size, weight, and shape.

See below for a video of Glenn explaining hypnosis for weight management and our hypnotic Audio Program Relaxation and Affirmation.

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