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5 Ways to Become Who You Want to Be (Masterclass Webinar with Glenn!)

By January 18, 2024January 19th, 2024Free Videos

In this live recorded masterclass webinar, our Clinical Director Glenn Mackintosh shares his five top tips on how to reach your goals and become who you want to be, including clinical insights on the tips’ practical application, and troubleshooting any barriers with a live group!

Glenn also invites participants – including you – to set themselves up to reach their goals and live by their values, create healthier eating and movement habits, and even change the way they see themselves, in a 12-week masterclass webinar series in his life changing online program, the Transformation Support Community.

The five tips explore how to:

1 – Reach Your Goal(s)
2 – Live by Your Values
3 – Nourish Your Body
4 – Move Your Body, &
5 – Redefine Yourself

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Reach Your Goals & Become Who You Want to Be Masterclass Series

Transformation Support Community Online Program

5 Psychologist’s Tips On Becoming Who You Want to Be in 2024 Blog (contains the five tips, as well as all of the other links mentioned in the webinar!)


00:14:29 Robyn Bloom: Melbourne
00:14:41 Rachel Johnston: Rocky 🙂
00:15:18 Belinda Langmaid: Perth
00:15:19 Nisreen Baitalmal: Saudi Arabia 😍
00:16:15 Fiona Hayes: Hi from Brisbane
00:17:16 Wes Lord: Here from Brisbane!
00:19:40 Wes Lord: Need that aircon with these conditions here in Brissy!
00:24:32 Weight Management Psychology: Glenn’s recent blog:
00:24:51 Wes Lord: I have recently had a Gastrectomy at the end of last year. I have lost 26kg in the last 7 weeks. Working towards a better life.
00:25:27 Weight Management Psychology: Sidestep Sabotage & Set up for Success (Interview with Libby Babet):
00:26:26 Weight Management Psychology: I’m definitely guilty of setting too many goals!
00:28:33 Belinda Langmaid: I gave up drinking 2 years ago and smoking last year. Am working on nutrition now 🙂
00:28:58 Lyn Grice: Reacted to “I gave up drinking 2…” with 👍
00:29:25 Michelle Birchall: Reacted to “I gave up drinking 2…” with 👍
00:31:05 Belinda Langmaid: Yes
00:36:09 Belinda Langmaid: I am seeing a dietitian and she follows
00:36:19 Belinda Langmaid: You
00:37:13 Weight Management Psychology: Feel More Full & Satisfied blog:
00:40:41 Weight Management Psychology: Move Your Body More Freely – with Sarah-Liz King:
00:41:33 Wes Lord: How much difference is there from protein powder to protein from food. I struggle with eating food atm.
00:42:40 Sian Howard: Being neurodivergent, I really struggle with focussing on the long term. Any suggestions to overcome this?
00:45:05 Wes Lord: Totally understand and thank you.
00:45:14 Rachel Johnston: Glenn, I am a nutritionist and studying counselling – can I still access PD?
00:46:54 Weight Management Psychology: Goal Setting – The WMP Way:
00:48:29 Sian Howard: Thanks Glenn! Love you pronouncing my name right too
00:48:55 Weight Management Psychology: Rachel, I can email this to you 🙂
00:49:22 Rachel Johnston: Replying to “Rachel, I can email …”
Thank-you 🙂
00:49:44 Rachel Johnston: Thanks Glenn
00:50:04 Bex Cav: Replying to “Rachel, I can email …”
Hi! I would love a link too.
00:50:39 Weight Management Psychology: Reacted to “Hi! I would love a l…” with 👍
00:52:22 Weight Management Psychology: WHO Do You Want To Be In 2023? (Personal Reflection & Free Resource:
00:56:57 Rachel Johnston: Tonight was for me, I spend a lot of time focusing on work, kids, my business and tend to drop the ball on my own goals and vision. I love good PD though, haha, always learning.
00:57:00 Weight Management Psychology: Glenn a question has come through to me: Any suggestions about how to manage those around you that sabotage your efforts
00:57:13 Lyn Grice: Glenn, this may sound ridiculous, though I’ve missed your voice. Thanks for tonight <3
00:58:49 Margaret Spicer: I have lost sound. so will leave the group now. Thank you for the webinar
00:59:39 Jane Johnson: I am in my early sixties. Have always been a serious sombre personality, obsessed with doing the right thing and making sure things are running smoothly. Is it too late to become someone who is fun to be around. How do I relax and loosen up.
00:59:58 Weight Management Psychology: Reach Your Goals & Become Who You Want To Be Masterclass Series:
01:04:56 iPhone: Thank you for tonight. I am a WLS patient (8 yrs ago) who has regained some so this has been very helpful for me. I wish I saw you before I had WLS. Thank you Glenn you have one of the most calmest friendly voices in the world.
01:05:15 Lyn Grice: Reacted to “Thank you for tonigh…” with ❤️
01:06:18 Weight Management Psychology: Reacted to “Thank you for tonigh…” with ❤️
01:10:35 Weight Management Psychology: Transformation Support Community online program:
01:17:57 Weight Management Psychology: TSC Member Transformation Stories:
01:18:42 Weight Management Psychology: Reach Your Goals & Become Who You Want To Be Masterclass Series:
01:22:10 Lyn Grice: Thanks Glenn & Em
01:22:19 Weight Management Psychology: Reacted to “Thanks Glenn & Em” with ❤️
01:23:21 Belinda Langmaid: Thank you
01:26:09 Fiona Hayes: Thanks so much Glenn. 👍
01:27:37 Amanda Elledge: Thanks Glenn for your insight, and Em for the support
01:27:44 Belinda Langmaid: 😀
01:27:51 Rachel Johnston: Thanks heaps 🙂 signed up and keen 🙂
01:27:56 Weight Management Psychology: Reacted to “Thanks heaps 🙂 sign…” with ❤️