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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT, involves accepting thoughts and feelings and at the same time committing to valued behaviours. As a simple example, using ACT strategies a client can learn to accept that they are experiencing an urge to binge, and at the same time choose instead to call a loved one instead, as calling a loved one is more in line with their personal values. Weight Management Psychology Psychologists use ACT to help clients achieve healthy changes that are sustainable for the long-term.

Initial research shows promise in ACT helping people looking to manage their weight.

While ACT is a new and exciting psychological therapy for weight management, results show using ACT with a focus to lose weight only results in a short-term weight loss, with medium to long-term studies not yet available.  For this reason, we prefer to use ACT techniques in combination with our other therapies.  As research shows attempts to lose weight are often harmful in the medium- to long-term, rather than focus on weight loss, we use ACT principles to help create healthy habits, holistic health improvements, and acceptance of your natural size, weight, and shape.

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