Do you want to:

GWMC Award– Eliminate food cravings (e.g. for foods like chocolate!)?
– Reduce weight and BMI?
– Improve control over food choices?
– Improve mental and emotional wellbeing?

All without dieting!

Exciting new clinical trials into EFT for food cravings show all of these benefits in overweight participants one year after treatment finished, and improvements tended to increase over time (further five-year research is underway…watch this space)!

In this Weight Management Psychology Expert Interventions Series we are lucky enough to have the world leader in this technique, Dr. Peta Stapleton take us through a step-by-step guide to achieving long-term success with weight management, using the power of EFT.

While Peta’s groundbreaking research is quoted in other tapping for weight management products, this is the ONLY program delivered by Dr. Stapleton. Learn tapping DIRECTLY from the EFT master trainer and researcher.

Here is a little bit more information about what you can expect when you purchase the resource:


In this 8 WEEK ONLINE step by step guide to tapping for weight management you will use tapping to:
– Eliminate food cravings
– Increase your desire to eat healthy foods
– Eliminate common psychological barriers to physical activity
– Increase your desire for physical activity
– Reduce uncomfortable emotions and improve emotional wellbeing
– Reduce your desire for alcohol, caffeine, & soft drinks
– Increase your desire to drink more water
– Eliminate old patterns of thinking and develop more positive thinking around eating, physical activity, drinking, and weight management in general
– The resource is extremely simple to follow and you will receive lots of support through your journey with our regular weekly emails, bonus emails, and support from our ever-growing online support group which you can be part of on Facebook.

What people are saying about tapping for weight management

“I’m only a couple of months into using EFT but I experienced the benefits immediately. I’ve stopped eating chocolate, chips, lollies and chocolate cake, actually I don’t even have a desire to eat them anymore. EFT has also helped me manage work-related stress. It does take commitment to use it regularly and to be honest about your feelings and thoughts.” Jodie


“I used EFT to manage eating chips (I love savoury food) and drinking red wine (a bottle or two over the week was normal). More than twelve months later I am still managing both very well and therefore more than happy with the results.” Christine


“I was Skeptical about Tapping but I haven’t eaten chocolate for 6 weeks Then, I tapped on cake & I haven’t eaten that in 5 weeks. Weight change is happening slowly but surely.  More importantly, I feel I have found my answer to changing my mindset one step at a time.” Jo


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So how does tapping work?
 We know from Dr. Stapleton’s research trials that EFT works, here is a snippet from the 8 week program about WHY EFT WORKS:



In this video Peta & Glenn discuss the results of Peta’s recent studies in more detail highlighting the effectiveness of EFT for people looking to more successfully manage their weight.