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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Techniques, also called EFT or “Tapping”, is an interesting combination of psychotherapy and acupressure, and is showing outstanding initial results for weight management, food cravings, and stress reduction.  EFT has surprising benefits in quickly reducing food craving, and initial research shows increasing benefits of EFT over time.

Working closely with leading EFT for Weight Management Expert, Dr. Peta Stapleton, Weight Management Psychology have developed the Tapping for Weight Management Online Program, which is the only scientifically validated online tapping for weight management program available.

We acknowledge that research on EFT is in early stages, but with longer term research trials scheduled, and clinical experience of the effectiveness of EFT, we feel it gives a powerful additional benefit to many of our clients.

As research shows attempts to lose weight are often harmful in the medium- to long-term, rather than focus on weight loss, we use EFT principles to help create healthy habits, holistic health improvements, and acceptance of your natural size, weight, and shape.

See below for a video of Glenn explaining tapping for weight management and our Tapping for Weight Management Online Program. 


Want to know more about the Tapping technique? Let Peta explain it to you (video from our tapping program)!

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