EPISODE 33 Answering your questions on tapping for weight

By June 29, 2017 Thursday Therapy YouTube

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In this Thursday Therapy Glenn answers some follow up questions on tapping for weight management.  The questions are from people who know about tapping, and include “can I use tapping to want to eat healthier foods”, “what do I do if sweet cravings keep coming back”, and “how do I deal with the rebellious part that doesn’t want to tap?”  Glenn finishes inviting you to join our next ONLINE TAPPING FOR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, starting JULY 3!



TT#14 on Tapping


TT#7 on Hypnosis



Initial Study


Abstract of article for online tapping (in publication):

“Obesity is rapidly increasing worldwide, with an estimated 13 percent of adults (i.e., above the age of 18) being clinically obese and 39 percent being overweight (World Health Organisation, 2014).  Existing weight loss interventions recommend a combination of dietary restraint and physical exercise, which have been found to be unsuccessful in the long-term as they do not target the psychological determinants linked with overeating (Anderson et al., 2009; Sojcher, Perlman, & Fogerite, 2012).  The current research sought to investigate if a new type of therapy, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), could successfully reduce food cravings and aid weight loss in an online format (Church, 2013a; Stapleton, Sheldon & Porter, 2012).  EFT utilises evidence-based cognitive and behavioural techniques as well as acupressure stimulation, or ‘tapping’, which has been found to have anxiety-reducing effects (Church, 2013b; Fang et al., 2009).  Participants completed an 8-week online EFT intervention targeting food cravings, dietary restraint, subjective power of food, weight, somatic symptom severity, anxiety, and depression symptoms, or a waitlist control condition.  Post-intervention analyses revealed significant reductions on all measures for participants in the EFT condition, with no significant differences for participants in the waitlist control group.  Six- and 12-month follow-up analyses revealed significant reductions from pre-intervention on all measures.  Analyses also revealed that as individuals’ food cravings improved, their symptoms of anxiety and depression improved.  The current study presents the first clinically researched trial of online delivery of EFT for weight management, and provides preliminary findings of the utility of online EFT as an adjunct tool in the fight against obesity worldwide.”

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