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Let Glenn show you a complete system for goal setting that will work for you. 

Who is this program for?

  • People who want to be a naturally healthy weight (you don't need to look like a super model)
  • People who have tried everything and want to be able to maintain changes
  • People who are willing to learn and put effort into transforming their mindset
  • Every day people who want to be healthy in a flexible way (you don't have to be a 'gym junkie')
  • People who want to be part of a growing community that supports without judging

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Module 1
Weight Management Psychology Goal Setting

In this module, we help you set outcome goals – these are goals for what you want to achieve.
By following this module we make sure you start your journey to greater wellness on the right foot.

  • Why over 95% of people who want to lose weight set themselves up for self-sabotage when setting goals.
  • How you overcome the common pitfalls and set beautiful, well-rounded and sustainable goals for what you want.
  • Easily apply the goal setting process it took Glenn ten years to perfect!

Module 2

Now you have the right outcomes in mind, we are ready to set process goals for how to achieve them!

  • Why most people don't follow through with achieving their goals.
  • How to simply set, review and reset goals for getting what you want using the SMART Goal formula.
  • My best tips for applying SMART goals to your eating, exercise and lifestyle.

Module 3

We look deeper into what this program is all about for you - we are going to look into your values - powerful motivators that you already have inside you that can help you want to eat, drink, move and live in a healthy way.

  • Why many people miss a powerful source of motivation (that they already have inside them).
  • How to understand why you want what you want by clarifying your core weight management values.
  • Powerful strategies I use to help clients want to eat well, move lots, and take great care of themselves every day!

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Want Even More?
We include Glenn's workshops - recorded live!

  • For people wanting a more in-depth understanding of goal setting including:
  • Research - what we do is based on science, not opinion
  • Theory - so you understand the deeper ideas behind the techniques
  • Interaction with a live audience (asking all the questions you would ask!)

Just $49.95


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