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FREE Hypnotherapy Session!

By May 3, 2023May 12th, 202352 Thoughts for the Chronic Dieter

Last time I wrote to you we talked about the power of hypnosis.

I shared the surprising research that shows hypnotherapy leads to large changes that increase over time, showed you how hypnosis helps you overcome self-sabotage by freeing you from conscious-unconscious mismatches and aligning your conscious and unconscious minds, and explained what hypnotherapy actually is (and isn’t!).

(It was a wonderful blog, and thank you for your kind feedback about it – if you’d like to read it, you can find it here!).

But, like so many things in life, the best way for you to experience the benefits of hypnotherapy is to try it for yourself.


Seeing how hypnotherapy can change people’s lives for over a decade now, I’ve been wanting to share a part of my hypnotherapy resources with the public for so long.

Of all of the resources I’ve created, the hypnotherapy audio programs are often celebrated as the most transformational – and definitely the easiest – resources we have*.

And due to their popularity, especially with members of my Transformation Support Community online program (members of the program have access to all of my hypnotherapy audio programs!), my online community has asked me to create another hypnotherapy series.

So, as I’m in the middle of creating a new hypnotherapy program**, I thought it was the perfect time to share with you a session from my most popular hypnosis program – Relaxation & Affirmation.

Relaxation & Affirmation is the first hypnotherapy program I ever created. It is designed to help you relax (and get a good night’s sleep!), transcend emotional eating, and develop the mindset for transformation by cultivating seven key mindsets that are associated with lasting success.

The program contains 7 ‘meditations’ and each of them has a different way of relaxing, different strategies for overcoming emotional eating, and a different mindset to cultivate hypnotically (mindfulness, motivation, perspective, balance, patience, persistence, and confidence!).

The session I’d like to share with you is (quite logically) Session 1 – Mindfulness. Mindfulness – or awareness of what is happening in the present moment – is often the all-important first step on the journey of transformation. Becoming more aware of your behavior in real time is a great place to start for most people, and I thought it might be a great place to start for you.

So enjoy this little gift, which can help you try out hypnosis and experience some of the benefits for yourself …

Some notes on listening to this session:

  • If you’d like a little more information before you start, here is the audio introduction to the Relaxation & Affirmation program and here are the program instructions.
  • Be mindful that there is some weight focus. Relaxation & Affirmation is an oldie, but a goodie. Although it has been through various iterations over time – you will notice that it does have a slight focus on weight, which was consistent with my older way of thinking and working. Most listeners don’t mind this at all, but if you feel it may be triggering for you, please wait for my new hypnotherapy audio program, which will be 100% non-dieting friendly (and out very soon!).
  • If you would like access to the other 6 sessions, you can purchase Relaxation & Affirmation whenever you’d like. Alternatively, members of our Transformation Support Community enjoy access to the entire Relaxation & Affirmation audio program, as well as our other two audio programs, The Walking Companion and Weight Off Your Mind, as part of their membership, so you may want to consider joining our online community! But before you do anything, please check out our special offer below ☺ ☺ ☺


Due to the popularity of our hypnotherapy audio programs, we developed a 12-Week TRANCEformational Hypnotherapy Series in our Transformation Support Community.

In this series, I personally take you through my favourite hypnoses, relaxations, and creative visualisations that I do with clients, and you’ll also have exclusive access to my game changing NEW HYPNOTHERAPY PROGRAM The 90-Day TRANCEformation Audio Program (only available for online community members!).

To help you to discover the transformational power of hypnotherapy for yourself, I’m offering all new members a 7-DAY FREE TRIAL!



Whether or not you end up working with us, I’d love you to experience the life-changing power of hypnosis as myself and so many of my clients have, so enjoy dipping your toes in with the free session (and please let me know how you go!).

And – as always – I’m yours in TRANCEformation 😉


*After all, you just press play, relax in a way that is right for you, and let the hypnosis do its thing!

**It’s going to be beyond awesome – I am so excited about this – watch this space!!

***Depending on when you sign up, you’ll actually get free access to at least the first week of the new series ☺ ☺ ☺