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FREE tapping for COVID-19 (Follow-along session with Glenn)

By June 6, 2020June 11th, 202052 Thoughts for the Chronic Dieter

Let’s be clear – I’m not saying tapping cures coronavirus …

But we do know that tapping has a profound effect on psychological wellbeing, and as this is something we’re all struggling with in some way or another at the moment, I want to show you how tapping can help you cope with COVID-19 …

To help you understand the science behind this effect, I want to introduce to you a scientific term called ‘effect sizes’. When scientists research an intervention, be it a new medication, program, or type of therapy, they like to look at not only if it works, but also how well it works. I’ve previously talked you through the research that tapping works. Now I want to show you how well.

Here’s how effect sizes work:

0 to 0.3 is a small effect size – it shows the intervention makes a little difference
0.3 to 0.6 is a moderate effect size – it shows the intervention makes a more meaningful difference
0.6 and above is a large effect size – it shows the intervention makes a big difference

While tapping may seem like the new kid on the therapy block, it has actually been amassing evidence for decades, with over 50 Randomized Controlled Trialsstudying its effectiveness. Now we’ve talked about how amazingly tapping works for food, weight and body image struggles, but if we look at tapping’s effect on mental health, here’s what we find

Psychological Condition Tapping Effect Size
Depression 1.31
Anxiety 1.23
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 2.96

Remember we said that an effect size of .6 or above is large? When I show these results to academics and health professionals (who are also trained to read them), their response is often ‘whoa’.

Yes, that’s right, whoa.

Because tapping has such profound effects on psychological wellbeing, and this is something almost all of us are struggling with at the moment, I did a ‘tapping for COVID-19’ session with my Twelve Month Transformation (TMT) participants. Because it was so powerful for them, I couldn’t wait to share it with YOU too3.

The TMT group had already learned about tapping with me, so if you already know enough about tapping, feel free to go straight to the video and follow along!

If you feel like you need to know more about tapping before you’re prepared to tap with me, here’s a great podcast where I interview Dr. Peta Stapleton, the world’s leading tapping researcher (and my tapping mentor!) about what tapping is, the science behind it, and how tapping helps with not only food and weight struggles, but a whole variety of concerns!

If you’re keen to start tapping, but don’t know enough about the actual technique, here is a video where Peta takes you through the basic ‘recipe’ for tapping and a cheat sheet you can download and print to help you remember the tapping points and process.

When you’re ready to go, it’s time to …

Use the power of tapping to cope with COVID-19!

(Follow-along session with Glenn, from our Twelve Month Transformation webinar).

I hope you found the video useful (and if you didn’t tap along, I urge you to give it a try – while many people have understandable reservations, they are almost always surprised at the benefits when they give it a go!).

And I do know that it’s not only your mental health that is suffering at this time. Many people are experiencing high levels of stress around the changes to their health habits caused by COVID, and in particular, are worried about – a phrase I hate – ‘corona kilos’. So to help you deal with any worries about ‘corona kilos’, and the effect COVID-19 is having on your eating and physical activity habits, I’m going to email you soon with a ‘tapping for corona kilos care package’!

Please take good care until then, stay safe, and happy tapping!


1. The gold standard in scientific research.
2. See here for links to the three meta-analyses for Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD cited, as well a handy EFT mini-manual and some other interesting academic articles.
3. With permission, of course – I told everyone before the session (which was done as a voluntary bonus session) that if it worked well I would share it more broadly!