Does your child suffer from negative self-image due to their perception they are of a greater weight than their peers?

Is your child a victim of bullying or teasing because of their weight or size?

Are you concerned about your daughter or son’s inactivity, poor food choices or weight?


Kids Health Camps are an all-inclusive, fun, exciting and educational annual holiday camp program designed to provide young Australian boys & girls with the opportunity to realize their health related potential and achieve their health related goals. Kids Health Camps take a multi-faceted approach to helping young Aussie kids live happy, healthy & active lives.

At Kids Health Camps we believe that in order to reach a healthy weight and maintain your ideal weight it is essential to take a holistic approach and that’s why there are 3 main components that make this program incredibly unique & successful.

At Kids Health Camps we have a qualified Physical Educator, Dietitian & Weight Management Psychologist who will each play a pivotal role in working together in helping young boys & girls achieve success when it comes to being in control of their weight.

A Healthy Kids Camp is a comprehensive 8 day program that is specifically designed for kids and thus their families to learn more about the tools necessary for young people to deal with, manage and overcome their weight problems. The camp itself is designed to equip young men and women with the skills, knowledge and tools needed to be motivated enough to make life long changes allowing young people to feel good about themselves and allow them to be happy and confident in their body.

Campers are also provided with a fully inclusive post camp support program including, face to face scheduled quarterly check-ins at 3/6/9/12 months post camp (Review/Testing/Goal setting), opportunities for personalised ongoing one on one and family care and support from camp staff, and priority booking for Events in 2016 (Workshops/Event Days).


For a free detailed information pack or to find out more about involvement in the next Healthy Kids Camp please email

We are holding a Free Information Night:
Time: from 5:00pm Saturday 19th September 2015 (Approx. 30-45min).
Location: Lv 4, 417, Dakota (South), 88 Macquarie St Teneriffe QLD 4005 (Brisbane, Qld)



Camp is open to students in the following year levels: Year 7 to Year 9

*Note: Our 2016 camp will be open to current Year 6 to Year 9 students

Next Kids Health Camps is in 2016: Christmas Holidays: Saturday 9th January – Saturday 16th January

 Venue: Sports Super Centre / Runaway Bay Sport & Leadership Excellence Centre – Runaway Bay

Camp Program Includes:

Physical activities:

  • Group walks
  • Beach games & Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • A range of sports including – volleyball, netball, touch, soccer, cricket, ultimate disk, AFL to name a few
  • Group training sessions – body vive, spin, step n sculpt, yoga, kick fit, body pump, aquatic games, aqua fit
  • 2 physical activity theory lessons

Nutrition based activities:

  • Healthy cooking class – Breakfast
  • Healthy cooking class – Morning Tea
  • Healthy cooking class – Lunch
  • Healthy cooking class – Afternoon Tea
  • Healthy cooking class – Dinner
  • 2 nutrition theory lessons

Psychological based activities:

  • 2 workshops for kids and families
  • 2 psychology of healthy eating, drinking and moving theory lessons

Additional activities:

  • Team building games
  • Trivia night
  • Movie night
  • Talent show
  • Night laser skirmish

Post camp support includes:

  • Face to face scheduled quarterly check-ins at 3/6/9/12 months post camp (Review/Testing/Goal setting)
  • Opportunities for personalised ongoing one on one care & support from camp staff (WMP Psych & PT/TOLI – Dietician visits)
  • Priority booking for Events in 2016 (Workshops/Events Days/Check-ins)