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Improve your relationship with physical activity

By August 12, 2019Free Videos

Do you find exercise is the last thing on your to-do list (and the first thing to drop off)?

You’re FAR from alone.

When working with people who struggle to make movement a mainstay, there’s a tendency to rush into strategies to help them get out the door (or off the couch!)

But I find it more valuable is to ask:

“What is your relationship with physical activity?”

Some people see it as a best friend that they can rely on to help them feel calm, energized, and empowered.  Others view it as an annoying relative, who sucks the life out of them, makes them feel less than, and leaves them exhausted every time.  Of course, we can tell which people are more likely to make physical movement a part of their lifestyle!

In this short video I share the most important thing you can do to develop a more positive relationship with movement.  Happy watching!

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If you’re interested in learning more, see the full video ‘Hate Exercise? 5 Psychological Tips to Turn Your Mind Around!’.

Yours in a positive relationship with movement,


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