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Make time for your health (without feeling guilty!)

By May 18, 2019Free Videos

Are you a nurturer, people pleaser, or peace-keeper?  Someone who finds it easier to give to others and more challenging to take care of themselves?

This is very common in both my online and face to face clients.  And while it can be a wonderful personality trait, it can also make self-development very challenging.  This is because, no matter what you’re wanting to work on in life, it always requires you to focus on yourself.

Taking care of yourself can seem selfish or indulgent and come with powerful feelings of anxiety and guilt.  But taking care of yourself is NOT selfish!

To help tell the difference between being selfish and self-nurturing (where you can take care of yourself and all the important people around you) watch this short video:

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If you’re interested in discovering how to prioritise yourself more, please see the full video ‘Can I ever learn to put myself first?’.

Yours in self-nurturing,


*It’s actually one I’m focusing on developing this year as part of my Twelve Month Transformation Goals.

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