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Sidestep Sabotage & Set up for Success (Interview with Libby Babet)

By January 17, 2019January 31st, 2022Free Videos

While goal setting is a wonderful tool to boost motivation, it also comes with a whole host of potential pitfalls.  So how do you sidestep the sabotage and set yourself up for success?

In this refreshing 20-minute interview super-trainer and trainer from The Biggest Loser: Transformed, Libby Babet and Weight Management Psychology Founder Glenn Mackintosh discuss:

✔︎ Weight loss being the most set (and failed) New Year’s Resolution.
✔︎ Using “Whole Person Goals” to become more holistic.
✔︎ A quick meditation to clarify your goals (follow along with us!)
✔︎ How Libby pulled herself out of “scales sabotage”.
✔︎ Turning holistic goals from “airy-fairy” to “solid-as-a-rock”.
✔︎ Lib and I setting a Whole Person goal for fitness in real time.
✔︎ How to break big goals into bite-size milestones.
✔︎ The perfect time frame for health and wellness goals (hint, it’s not 12 weeks!)
✔︎ How long it takes to create eating and physical activity habits (it’s not 21 days!)
✔︎ The important – but often overlooked – tool for following through with goals.
✔︎ Lib and I setting a SMART goal for her return to work in real time.
✔︎ The folly of setting short-term goals that undermine long-term success.
✔︎ Libby’s philosophy of a “healthy life culture”.
✔︎ The Neverending Story and Falcor the Luck Dragon (you’ll have to watch)!
✔︎ My deep belief that EVERYONE can do this process.
✔︎ How The Biggest Loser contestants have benefitted from focusing on their values.
✔︎ Unlocking powerful internal motivators you already have inside you.

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