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Tap away stress in minutes (Session with Dr. Peta Stapleton)

By June 27, 2019July 2nd, 2019Free Videos

Tapping is clinically proven to lower food cravings, improve emotional wellbeing, and result in weight loss without dieting*.   Research also suggests it produces faster, more meaningful, and longer lasting changes than well-established psychological techniques**.

So you can experience the benefits of tapping for yourself, we’ve released a video from our Online Tapping for Weight Management Program for free!  As everyone experiences stress, we’re going to tap away some of yours with world-leading researcher in tapping for food and weight challenges and tapping master trainer Dr. Peta Stapleton.

Note, if you are completely new to the tapping technique, you may want to:
Listen to this podcast to learn more about tapping,
Watch this video to learn the tapping technique itself, and/or
See this blog for tapping FAQs.
Before watching the video (or just jump in and give it a go – it won’t hurt if you do!)

If you enjoyed this session and feel like you need a helping hand to fully experience the benefits of tapping for yourself, we have a fully online Tapping for Weight Management Program that will help you apply the power of tapping not only to reduce stress and other unpleasant emotions, but eliminate food cravings while still being able to eat your favourite foods, clear away any barriers to physical activity and lose some weight withoutdieting.  The program is better than it’s ever been, and it’s open for you to start transforming NOW, so what are you waiting for?

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*Stapleton, P. B., Sheldon, T., & Porter., B. (2012). Clinical benefits of emotional freedom techniques on food cravings at 12-months follow up: A randomized controlled trial. Energy Psychology, 4(1), p. 1 – 12
**Church, D. (2012) The effect of emotional freedom techniques on stress biochemistry: A controlled trail. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 200 (10), pp. 891 – 896.  (This study compared levels of the stress hormone cortisol before and after counseling or tapping.  The counseling session resulted in a 14.4% reduction in cortisol, whereas the tapping session reduced it by 24.5%)