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Tapping for ‘corona kilos’ care package.

Let’s get something clear – I hate the term ‘corona kilos’.

To me, the fact that people are losing their jobs, not able to see their families for months on end, and even dying – and we are worried about weight gain – is an embodiment of the ‘thinsanity’ that I try every day to help people escape.

But just because the person in the hospital bed next to you has an amputated leg, it doesn’t mean your broken leg doesn’t hurt … as a practising psychologist I know how heavily corona kilos are weighing on people’s minds. So, as well as the tapping for COVID-19 session I recently shared with you, I wanted to give you some extra support to help you overcome any concerns you are having about your eating, physical activity, and of course, weight during this undoubtedly strange, challenging and uncertain time.

So, together with my Tapping for Weight Management Online Program co-founder, world leading tapping researcher and master trainer, Dr. Peta Stapleton1, we have put together a ‘tapping for corona kilos care package’, containing some mindset tips that my clients are finding super helpful at this time and, of course, some tapping!

Now, if you are thinking, ‘what the heck is tapping?’ please see my last blog where I explain everything you need to know about the technique and how it can help you to cope with COVID-19.

If you already know enough about tapping, here’s the care package that Peta and I have made up for you.

Tapping for ‘corona kilos’ care package

(3 x mindset tips and follow-along tapping sessions with Peta and Glenn)


Glenn’s tip: Try to cultivate perspective on corona kilos. COVID-19 is profoundly affecting the lives and livelihoods of people all over the world. If all you get out of this is a couple of ‘corona kilos’, you’re probably pretty lucky!
Of course, worrying less about something that’s on our minds is often easier said than done, so if this is the case, I invite you to try the tapping for COVID-19 video I shared last week …
Tapping session: Tapping for COVID-19 
(webinar with Glenn and TMT participants)


Glenn’s tip: Be mindful of your food environment. The mere presence, availability, and convenience of foods makes us more likely to eat them!  Without being perfectionistic, do your best to set up a home environment that supports nutritious eating. The influence of your home environment will be turned up right now, as you’re likely to be spending more time in it.

Of course, you can’t always guarantee the house will be completely free of high-impulse, low-nutrition foods, so when these foods are there and calling your name it’s a good time to try …

Tapping session: Tapping away a food craving 
(video with Peta from our Online Tapping for Weight Management Program).


Glenn’s tip:Focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t. A twenty-minute ‘Yoga With Adriene’ YouTube video may become your new yoga class for a while. A walk outside may take the place of your usual gym session. Have self-compassion for not having the ‘perfect’ workout regime – we’re in the midst of a global pandemic – it’s going to affect all areas of your life. Also, moving your body is so important for mental wellbeing as well as the physical – the good news? It only takes 6 minutes of physical activity to improve your mood!

Of course, even when you’ve chosen to do some physical activity that will work for you, there’s often the struggle to actually get out and do it. If the journey from your couch to the pavement feels like one from The Shire to Mordor2, here’s a tapping session that will help …

Tapping session: Tapping into a physical activity session 
(video with Glenn from our online program (advanced version))

I hope you enjoyed the tips and tapping, and that you’ve found something in them that can help you through this time3. And if you found value in the care package, please feel free to share it with anyone who you think will benefit, whether they currently know about tapping or not!

And we have just opened the yearly intake of our Tapping for Weight Management Online Program which starts July 6th, so if you’d like some further support to help you get on top of your eating, physical activity, weight and body image as we emerge from COVID, we’d love to have you join us! I’ll be back soon to let you know more about the program, the groundbreaking research we’ve been doing on it, and the exciting changes we’ve made to it to help you come out of COVID especially healthy of mind, body and spirit (sign up to my newsletter to receive the next email!


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Yours in mastering the mindset to cope with COVID,


1. I’m so thankful to Peta and the tapping team for helping us put this care package together – the online tapping program is a wonderful resource, and I’m so glad we can give part of it to you as a free gift at this time!
2. Sorry to all the non Lord of The Rings fans!
3. And a good way to work through this blog is to do the sessions over a week or so, so you can digest it all!