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Thinsanity: 7 Steps to Transform Your Mindset and Say Goodbye to Dieting Forever

When weight loss ‘solutions’ are really part of the problem, it’s time for a radical solution – let go of ‘thinsanity’ and get ready to say goodbye to dieting forever!

We are becoming more and more obsessed with being thin … as we get fatter and fatter! The craziest part is that most weight loss ‘solutions’ are actually part of the problem.

Scientists have known this reality for decades, the entire diet industry is based on it, hell, even you know it, and yet you keep on falling for promises of fast, easy weight loss (and other fictional tales), putting yourself through rebranded versions of the exact same thing … and expecting different results.  Einstein would have called this insanity … I call it


You need something different, and if you’re willing to take the red pill and escape the diet matrix*, there is a way out.  New science is offering insights into a compassionate way to make peace with food, fall in love with physical movement, and learn to LOVE your body healthy (yes, it is possible).

If you ever feel like you’re wasting away your life fighting to lose the last five kilos, are thinking about trying another 12 week program**, or are waiting for the next big thing that will promise everything, but only serve to permanently reduce the weight of your bank balance, this book is for you. And if you’re ready to try something truly different, together we can finally get some different results.


*No it’s not a weight loss pill!
**I call these ‘lose-as-much-weight-as-you-can-and-put-it-all-back-on-with interest’ programs


5 stars


"An excellent book, well and thoughtfully written. I recommend it for everyone who has ever dieted and wants to get off the merry go round. Well done Glenn Mackintosh."

- Noots


5 stars

The one book that makes sense!

"As both an intense lover AND hater of food, and self admittedly the girl thinking 'the next diet will be the one that works', this book has changed my headspace, my approach and my appreciation of not just my body and food but my physical and mental health too. Soak it up!"

- M. from Adelaide


4.75 stars

An insight on ending diet insanity!

"This is such an insightful and well referenced/researched book. It explains why we have such a messed up dieting culture and provides data as to why so many diets fail. Glenn writes with clever references and witty undertones. For anyone who’s looking to get off the insane cycle of dieting, I cannot recommend this book enough."

- Kaija


5 stars

Finally something doable and based on evidence.

"It’s so nice to hear about an approach that isn’t dieting since I’ve lost count of the number of diets I’ve “failed” and just don’t work long term. A definite must read and act!"

- Aus0010


5 stars

Absolutely life-changing!

"A wonderful insight into the years of diet culture brainwashing we've all had since birth! Beautifully written, this book will question all your conventional thoughts on diets and get you on the road to leading a wonderfully healthy life without feeling like an everyday failure. I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever struggled with a DIET. It's a game changer! Thanks so much Glenn."

- Lainie


5 stars

Best mindset book I've ever read!

"Finally a book that I can relate to completely. This book has changed my life and the way I look at and think about myself. If you need help getting off the diet cycle and taking back control of your life then do yourself a favour and buy buy buy it. You won’t regret it."

- Briony

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