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Your SUMMER health kick starts NOW!

By August 30, 2017March 17th, 201952 Thoughts for the Chronic Dieter

It’s still too cold, it’s still too dark, and comfort food is still too yummy.  Nobody in their right mind would start a health kick at the end of winter…

Or would they?

Being born in Victoria, I still find it a bit funny when Queenslanders complain about the weather, but having lived in Brisbane for over twenty years now, I’m kind of starting to get it!  The one place I notice it most though is in my weight management clinic.  From about June until the end of October, the phones get a little quieter, a few gaps open up in my diary, and our clinic manager breathes a sigh of relief as she begins to work through the one zillion “non-essential” emails that have been piling up (I write this reflecting on the current showroom-state of our waiting room I noticed this morning).  Why does this happen every year?

Simple, we haven’t yet come out of hibernation.  The cold has kept us rugged up in bed in favour of the icy cold blizzard outside*.  The dark and faded greys of afternoon walk are no match for the technicolour wonder of our latest Netflix series. And any remnants of summer salads have long been replaced with a series of dinner choices that can make our bank accounts look like we’re in business with Uber Eats.

Fast forward to November 2017, our phones are running hot.  While there may be lots of calls, they all kind of sound the same.  “Hello, I’m at crisis point.  I’ve gained X kilos, and I need to lose it before summer… HELP ME!”.  The trouble is, it’s too late.  The quick fix won’t work, and the ship for the long fix sailed months ago.

So my challenge to you is to start now!  Don’t do anything ridiculous – just start in a way that is right for you.  If it’s still to cool for salads, put the slow cooker on this Sunday and make a warming casserole for the week.  Make a pact with your work friend to meet for a half hour walk one day a week.  Call your favourite health professional and say “I’m ready to start my summer health kick”. They may fall off their chair, but trust me, they’ll thank you!

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*(Probably actually 16 degrees with about 3 light fluffy clouds to be seen)

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