Twelve Month Transformation

  • Tired of yo-yoing, being on and off diets or unsustainable 12-week exercise regimes?
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  • Want a healthier body, mind and relationship with food and physical activity that is sustainable?
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  • Want to make a New Year's Resolution that will leave you feeling happy, healthy and proud of your 2019 achievements?

In the Twelve Month Transformation (TMT)
you will:

  • Set yourself up for SUCCESS (not sabotage!)
  • Possess the 7 KEY MINDSETS for transformation
  • Eat and move healthily WITHOUT TRYING
  • FREE yourself from emotional eating forever
  • End self-criticism & care for yourself with LOVE

Due to popular demand, we have brought our ground-breaking TMT program ONLINE!

Let Australia's leading weight management psychologist Glenn Mackintosh, provide you with a transformational answer to your weight worries. 

Due to popular demand, we have brought our ground-breaking TMT program ONLINE!

Let Australia's leading weight management psychologist Glenn Mackintosh, provide you with a transformational answer to your weight worries. 

Use the power of psychology to completely transform your eating, physical activity, weight & body image! 

The program requires your effort, time and energy to succeed, so why not start by taking the time to check it out?

(Watch this short video - taking the time to understand how TMT works could save you years of struggling with your weight)

What You'll Get

The Twelve Month Transformation combines our 
five premium programs for you to access anytime.

To keep you motivated each program has a focused support period.


Unlock "The Vault" for exclusive access to Glenn’s workshops, recorded live for people wanting a more in-depth understanding. 
Research, sharing and practical how-to's!

The ONLY place to access Glenn for his direct support!

Email reminders to keep you motivated.

A Secret Online Community that nurtures without judging.

Twelve Month Transformation Online

(Before and After photos promote a negative body image so you will NEVER find them on our website!)

“Wanted to share with you my success in reaching my goal for the year :-). I have made a regular habit of exercise (can’t live without it!). I feel good about myself. I think I look good in a change room... What the??? That’s amazing I eat healthy most of the time and eat occasional food occasionally. I can’t remember my last binge!!!! I dropped a dress size and I feel very proud to post a picture of myself wearing a dress, without sleeves no less! Thank you Glenn Mackintosh for helping me put the pieces of my weight management together. If any of you are thinking of making a really big dent in your own puzzle I cannot recommend enough the Twelve Month Transformation. Do the program, engage with all the tools and your burden will lighten too. Good luck all of you on your puzzles :).”

Jade Fletcher

“One year ago I was very self-conscious. I would hide away from the world because I was so ashamed of my body! This 12 month transformation has helped me in ways I never thought imaginable! I have gone from full time stay at home mum to full time working mum, I have so much more confidence in myself that I am not afraid to get out there and try new things. The last few weeks I have even started jogging in public!! I have been to theme parks and gone on rides that I haven’t been on since I was maybe 14 years old. If anyone is thinking about doing the 12 month transformation... Do it!! This is my ticket to freedom. No fad dieting, no strenuous exercise. Just a happy lifestyle that works for me :-)” 

Michelle Smith 

I have found the TMT has offered me a fresh new successful approach in achieving my personal goals! The workshops have provided an invaluable source of knowledge and a greater understanding of how changing ones mindset can lead to surprising and amazing results!  I look forward to continuing to grow, develop and build upon my self-satisfying transformational journey into 2016 and beyond!  TMT --- the key to future happiness!!! #weareallinthistogether :-)”

Janelle Smith

“I am so glad I ‘invested’ in Twelve Month Transformation. Apart from enjoying every moment, I have been Educated, Liberated, Motivated, Celebrated - and Socialised!! It has been fun, and it feels Fantastic to be part of a winning team. After all, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!!”

Glenda Leonarduzzi

Twelve Month Transformation

Unlike other programs, we want you to see our general results (and not just the success stories). Believing in good science, we are involved in an ongoing process of researching the TMT. Here are our most recent findings.

Psychology of Eating

Change in Dieting Mindset

TMT participants’ dieting mentality reduced by 56%.
A lower dieting mindset results in less obsession with food, binge eating, disordered eating and yo-yo dieting. Participants' dieting 
mindset began higher than the average person but ended up lower

Change in Intuitive Eating

TMT participants’ level of intuitive eating “normalized”.
 Intuitive eaters eat well without effort. Higher scores are linked with listening to hunger and fullness, less over-eating when not hungry, lower weight, and better long-term weight management.

Changes in Difficulty Controlling Overeating

TMT participants started finding it more difficult to control overeating than the average person but ended up finding it significantly less difficult.

Change in Exercise Confidence

TMT participants’ exercise confidence increased by 26%.
Participants went from being on-and-off exercisers to regular exercisers.

Changes in Body Image

TMT participants became more body-positive in every way we measured.

Changes in Psychological Wellbeing

TMT participants' levels of stressed, depressed and anxious moods reduced, and their self-esteem increased.

Changes in Weight

TMT participants lost weight.

While almost everyone joining the TMT wants to lose weight, this is NOT the focus of the program.  We have had success stories who have lost over 40 kilograms, many who lose a small to moderate amount of weight, and even people who’s weight remains stable that we consider successes.  As weight loss approaches tend to be ineffective (and potentially harmful) in the long-term, the focus of the Twelve Month Transformation is on improving your relationship with food, movement, and your body.  It is for people who want to truly transcend the diet mentality and transform their mindsets, habits, and overall wellbeing forever.

Easy to Use

Easy to follow and navigate and we are here to support you if you get stuck!


Get results in just 1 hour a week
in active program periods.
Login whenever works for you!

Over $4,000 Value

Work with Australia’s leading weight management psychologist for an entire  year for less than the cost of 3 sessions.

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Per Month for 3 Months
OR $399 Up Front Payment

Comes with our no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

Program access available for 12 months from the start date. For people who want to keep all the programs forever (or stay updated with the regular improvements we make) we have a LIFETIME ACCESS OPTION available.

Free Downloads

Downloadable PDF worksheets to help you personalise your transformation.

Over 150 x 15 min lessons

Over 30 hours of lesson time to help you completely transform your thoughts, feelings and habits!

Over 20 Hours of Videos

Short follow-along videos –
play anywhere you like on your
computer, phone, or tablet.

Program Includes

Access to the programs via our Online Programs portal viewable on Desktop, iPods, iPads, iPhones and other Smart phones.

If you don’t LOVE this program within 30 days I’ll give you 100% of your money back. I’ve been academically researching the psychology of eating, exercise, weight, and body-image for over 15 years, and I only include strategies scientifically-proven to work long-term. More importantly, I’ve spent well over 10,000 hours face-to-face helping clients just like you completely transform their lives, so I know how to give you everything you need to make these ideas work in real life. In fact, if you finish this program and you HAVEN’T transformed your mindset, habits, or health I’ll give you your money back ANYTIME (and I’ll even send you our Complete Reprogramming Audio Series for FREE). So what have you got to lose (apart from an endless struggle with your weight)?

Yours in transformation,


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Per Month for 3 Months
OR $399 Up Front Payment


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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