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Twelve Month Transformation
2017 & 2018 Results

Psychology of Eating

Change in Dieting Mindset

TMT participants’ dieting mentality reduced by
(40% in 2017 | 56% in 2018)
A lower dieting mindset leads to less obsession with food, binge eating, disordered eating, and yo-yo dieting.  2018 Participants’ dieting mindset began higher than the average person but ended up lower.

Change in Intuitive Eating

TMT participants’ intuitive eating “normalized”
(23% improvement in 2017 | 31% improvement in 2018)
Intuitive eaters eat well without effort. Higher scores are linked with listening to hunger and fullness, less over-eating when not hungry, lower weight, and improved long-term weight management outcomes.

Changes in Difficulty Controlling Overeating

TMT participants started finding it more difficult to control overeating than the average person
but ended up finding it less difficult.

(13% improvement in 2017 | 23% improvement in 2018)

Change in Exercise Confidence

TMT participants’ exercise confidence increased.
49% in 2017 | 26% in 2018
This was the only result where 2017 participants’ results exceeded 2018 results, and will be a significant area of improvement in 2019!Nevertheless, both years’ participants went from being on-and-off exercisers to regular exercisers.

Changes in Body Image

TMT 2018 participants became more body-positive in every way we measured.
(2017 participants became more body-positive in all measures apart from two)


On analysing 2017 results we noticed general mental health did not improve significantly.  While the program focuses mainly on improving eating, movement, body-image, and weight management, it wasn’t good enough to not also improve general psychological wellbeing.  We made some significant changes and are pleased to present the following results for 2018 members.

  2018 TMT participants’ levels of stressed, depressed and anxious moods reduced, and their self-esteem increased.

Change in Weight

TMT participants lost weight

While almost everyone joining the TMT wants to lose weight, this is NOT the focus of the program.  We have had success stories who have lost over 50 kilograms, many who lose a small to moderate amount of weight, and even people who’s weight remains stable that we consider successes.  Both years’ TMT participants lost weight, with TMT 2018 participants losing approximately twice the weight of 2017 participants.  However, as weight loss approaches tend to be ineffective (and potentially harmful) in the long-term, the focus of the Twelve Month Transformation is, and always will be, improving your relationship with food, movement, and your body.




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