Twelve Month Transformation

“Wanted to share with you my success in reaching my goal for the year :-). I have made a regular habit of exercise (can’t live without it!). I feel good about myself. I think I look good in a change  room... What the??? That’s amazing I eat healthy most of the time and eat occasional food occasionally. I can’t remember my last binge!!!! I dropped a dress size and I feel very proud to post a picture of myself wearing a dress, without sleeves no less! Thank you Glenn Mackintosh for helping me put the pieces of my weight management together. If any of you are thinking of making a really big dent in your own puzzle I cannot recommend enough the Twelve Month Transformation. 
Do the program, engage with all the tools and your burden will lighten too.  Good luck all of you on your puzzles :).

Jade Fletcher

“One year ago I was very self-conscious. I would hide away from the world because I was so ashamed of my body! This 12 month transformation has helped me in ways I never thought imaginable! I have gone from full time stay at home mum to full time working mum, I have so much more confidence in myself that I am not afraid to get out there and try new things. The last few weeks I have even started jogging in public!! I have been to theme parks and gone on rides that I haven’t been on since I was maybe 14 years old. If anyone is thinking about doing the 12 month transformation... Do it!! This is my ticket to freedom. No fad dieting, no strenuous exercise. Just a happy lifestyle that works for me :-)” 
Michelle Smith

"During my TMT journey:  

  • I stopped dieting. Okay … I slipped back into diet mode every now and then but only for a few days until I remembered how horrible it is.  
  • I eat as much chocolate as I want, as often as I want, and I enjoy it mindfully (I can’t remember the last time I ate a whole block - this used to happen all the time.)  
  • I’m a regular exerciser. I enjoy mountain hiking, walking with friends, yogalates and lifting weights. I can get cranky and feel yucky if I miss a training session. Seriously!  
  • My food preferences have changed. I avoid fast food joints because I don’t like the food (I still can’t believe this is true!). I like eating legumes and spinach, which I used to hate.  
  • I no longer think constantly about food. I eat until I’m satisfied and then eat again when I’m hungry.  
  • I used to hate how parts of my body looked and constantly adjusted my clothing. Now I accept my body and love how I feel in my clothes. I’ve even rediscovered my love for fashion and reconnected with my personal style - I constantly receive comments that I look great!  
  • My doctor is happy with my general health improvements.    
  • Oh, and yeah, I have dropped dress sizes as a result of the above. Bonus side effect!  

All this because I’ve been armed with bucketloads of evidence-based information and transformational mindset exercises that are in the TMT. All I did was sign up, do the course work and put lots of effort into completing my homework. I’m still doing my homework. I’m still improving." 
Penny Vickers

I have found the TMT has offered me a fresh new successful approach in achieving my personal goals! The workshops have provided an invaluable source of knowledge and a greater understanding of how changing ones mindset can lead to surprising and amazing results!  I look forward to continuing to grow, develop and build upon my self-satisfying transformational journey into 2016 and beyond!  TMT --- the key to future happiness!!! #weareallinthistogether :-)”
Janelle Smith

“I am so glad I ‘invested’ in Twelve Month Transformation. Apart from enjoying every moment, I have been Educated, Liberated, Motivated, Celebrated - and Socialised!! It has been fun, and it feels Fantastic to be part of a winning team. After all, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!!”
Glenda Leonarduzzi

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