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Reflecting on the year, and looking forward to the next one…

By November 19, 2016March 17th, 201952 Thoughts for the Chronic Dieter

A couple of weeks ago we finished our Twelve Month Transformation program.  Every year, as well as running the program, I do it myself…it’s a great way to ensure I reach my personal goals as well as help my clients reach theirs!

The last session is always a debrief of the year, and it was beautiful to hear everyone’s honest reflection.  It was (as it always is) heartening to hear the significant successes people had achieved.  But also comforting to hear the compassionate perspective people had developed in areas where they had gotten part-way towards certain goals (or even not come close in some cases).  To me, it is a strength of the program that we are able to be realistic.

I wanted to share the reflection process we went through, as it’s so simple, and it can help you to reflect on the year and prepare for the next one.

It’s called a Good, Better, How.

Start with the Good and reflect on what you have done well – often we’re overly quick to focus on the negatives, so this allows you to acknowledge the positives too and see your progress with perspective.

My “goods” were that I kept physical activity in the schedule, even when I was busy, and I ate really well (without dieting – I actually think had my best year of eating ever and I’m getting even less diety!)

Then move on to the Better.  This is where you focus on what you can improve on – this part often comes really readily – in the form of self-criticism, but, of course, it is important to acknowledge what we want to work on.

My “better” was that I (loving my work, being a hard worker, and working from home) was too busy this year for a balanced lifestyle.

After that, finish with the How.  Begin to map out how you will improve in the future.  This part is often missed out, but may be the most important – this is where your reflection turns into transformation.

My “how’s” are that I have just put on a great new psychologist to help me out with some of the clients, and I have contacted my mentor Sue to make a time to help me problem-solve for 2017!

I love the relationship I have with my face-to-face clients, and would like to strengthen my relationship with my “online clients” too.  I’ve realised that it’s a bit one sided – I figure you’re liking the videos, programs, and blogs but we don’t talk much – which I want to remedy in 2017.

So let’s start now…

I’d like to invite you to do your own Good, Better, How, and email me with what you come up with.  I love learning from my clients (it’s the main reason why I’m pretty good at what I do!), so we will both win 🙂

I hope you’ve had a good year to date, and will take this early opportunity to wish you an even better one in 2017.

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A few of us kicking back at the optional lunch after the workshop 🙂

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