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The Missing Piece eBook – 7 Mindset Hacks for your Eating, Movement, Weight & Body-Image


Mindset Quiz

From our Psychological Profile for Weight Management

Psychological Profile Progress Tracker – An assessment for measuring your mindset transformations as you work with us!


Emotional Freedom Techniques

From our Tapping for Weight Management Online Program

EFT Tapping ‘Cheat Sheet’ & Tapping Puzzle – A guide to remind you of the tapping points, tapping process and help you identify aspects of the issue you want to tap through.

Stop. Tapping Time! – A reminder to pause and take time to tap.

Tap! Don’t Snack! – A reminder to tap away common non-hungry eating cues (great for the fridge or pantry).


Goal Setting & Values

From our Foundations for Success Online Program.

Whole Person Goals (Outcome Goals) – To help you clarify your goals, build motivation, and acknowledge reaching milestones towards your success.

SMART Goals (Process Goals) – To help you work towards your important goals regularly.

SMART Goal Setting Reflection – To help you review your progress by acknowledging what you did well, what to improve, and how you’re going to improve.

Values Clarification Exercise (TMT Online) – To help you understand why you want to take care of yourself by identifying, clarifying, and distilling your core weight management values.

Values Clarification Exercise (Thinsanity/TMT Brisbane) – To help you understand why you want to take care of yourself by identifying, clarifying, and distilling your core weight management values.

Values Compass – To help you identify how are living out your values and how to realign with your values if you have lost touch with them.


Mindset Transformation Worksheets

From our Mindset for Transformation, Naturally Healthy Habits,  & Freedom From Emotional Eating Online Programs.

Environment for Transformation Audit – Assess the affect of the environment on your nutrition and physical activity habits and create health-supportive spaces for long-term change!

Mindful-Intuitive Eating Journal – To help you develop awareness of your eating in a “non-dieting” way, by learning how eating relates to your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations.

Page of Response Cards – To remind yourself of positive, realistic, and helpful thoughts.

ABCDE Thought Diary – To manage unworkable thoughts that effect your emotions and behaviour.

Lowering the Pendulum Activity –  To help you develop balance in your eating, drink and physical activity.

Mindful Eating Reminder – A reminder of five mindful-intuitive eating principles.

Five E’s of Movement Reminder – A reminder of five keys to finding lasting enjoyment in physical activity.

Revising Timeframes Exercise –  To help you develop patience with reaching your health and wellbeing goals.

Reflection on Setbacks Diary – To help you learn from setbacks and move forward quickly.

Problem Solving Worksheet – To help you solve eating, physical activity, drinking, and other general life challenges.

Relapse Proofing Plan – To help you focus on what is important, notice slips, and remain on track.

Good, Better, How worksheet – To help you reflect on your progress to date and improvements to make in the future.

Movement and My Mind Experiment – To help you reflect on how physical activity effects your psychological wellbeing.

Increasing Physical Activity Enjoyment Worksheet – To help you enjoy physical activity more.

Increasing Physical Activity Confidence Worksheet – To help you feel more confident in doing physical activity.

Increasing Physical Activity Empowerment Worksheet – To help you feel more empowered to do physical activity.

More Marvellous Methods To Manage My Moods List – To help you begin to manage your emotions in healthy and effective ways and free yourself from emotional eating and drinking.

Feelings Clusters Journal – To help you identify unpleasant feelings that may lead to emotional eating and other ineffective coping strategies.

Feelings, Wants, & Needs List – To help you identify your feelings, wants, and needs, and learn to deal with them in new ways.


Body Image

From our Love Your Body Healthy Online Program.

Body Image Self Reflection – A quick self-reflection on your current levels of satisfaction/dissatisfaction and acceptance/preoccupation about your body.

Personal Body-Image Experiences and Beliefs Worksheet – To help you work through unpleasant body-image experiences and the unhelpful beliefs that arise from them.

Balanced Body-Image Worksheet – To help you develop a less critical, more complimentary, and balanced body-image.

Alternative Appearance Assumptions Worksheet – To help you work through you unhelpful assumptions about appearance.

Body-Image Thoughts Diary –  To help you identify and transcend unworkable thoughts that effect your body-image.

Body-Image Rituals Worksheet – To help you identify positive and negative body-image rituals and set goals to improve them.

Social Media Spring Clean Worksheet – To help you declutter your social media from harmful body-image messages and begin to fill it with more positive ones.



NOW Clock, a simple Zen reminder to focus on the Here and Now.

Two Zen Questions reminders to focus on the Here and Now:
One Page (questions and answers)
Two Pages (use either page – or both).



WMP Meal & Movement Planner.

WMP Grocery List Planner.


Downloadable Quotes (Glennisms)
For you to download and print as reminders!

Reward Yourself With Flowers
Stop the War on Fat – Join the Peace Movement
Movement. Get It Like You Like It
Love is the New Hate
Criteria for Self-Judgement
Food is Morally Neutral
There Are No Angel’s Wings On Your Kale
There Are No Devil’s Horns On Your Burger
Become An Emotional Exerciser
Emotional Eating is Like Double Dipping on a Bad Mood
Diets Have Failed You (Not the Other Way Around)
Become a Comfort Tea Drinker
Declutter Your Social Media
I Am a Comfort Reader
Stills & Alreadys


Diagrams & Models

Circle of Healthy Eating Model.

Circle of Healthy Eating Model (with Dieting Model).

Balloon Model for Transcending Emotional Eating.

Three Smiles Model.

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