We believe psychology is the missing piece of your weight management puzzle.

We help you transform your mindset around eating, physical activity, weight and body-image!


What do we help you with?

Here are some common issues we support our face-to-face and online clients to work through:

  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem & Body image
  • Emotional eating
  • Social eating & Drinking
  • Mindless eating, Overeating, Compulsive Eating, & Bingeing
  • Self-care, Life balance, Time management
  • Self-sabotage
  • Yo-yo dieting & Weight regain
  • Pre- & Post-surgery support for bariatric patients

Our Values

Weight Management Psychology is a psychology-based, person-centred, interdisciplinary, progressive weight management clinic.  They are a lot of words!  What do they mean?

  • Psychology-based.  Many people feel the mind is the most important element of weight management.  But most people don’t dedicate a lot of time, energy, and resources to training their minds.  At WMP we help you train your most important muscle – your brain!
  • Person-centred.  Most weight management programs are weight-centred.  This can result in obsession with food and exercise, psychological health problems, and weight regain.  At WMP we help you “zoom out” from the scales and focus on yourself as a whole person!
  • Interdisciplinary. While we believe psychology is the missing piece of the puzzle, we know it’s not the only piece.  We support you with a team of like-minded, understanding, and caring nutrition and movement professionals.
  • Progressive.  As seen by the below graph, common diet and exercise plans don’t work so well in the long-term, even when supplemented by traditional psychological approaches.  We like to support you with traditional psychological methods and innovative evidence based ones, like as tapping and hypnosis.

Weight trajectory with various treatment methods

Pysch Role in Weight Mgmt - GRAPH

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