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Mindset Change IS Possible!

By February 25, 2017March 17th, 201952 Thoughts for the Chronic Dieter

I wanted to write to you about a wonderful experience I had with a client this week – it was so good I had to share!

As, unlike most approaches, we don’t focus on weight loss too much, sometimes it can be hard to measure progress.  “Feeling” better can be a great measure, but we can all think of times when we’ve felt good about eating, physical activity, and weight management, and then had the good feelings come crashing down for some reason or other.  Similarly, we can use our actions as guides for how we are going, and that’s a great measure, but again there have probably been times when we’ve been doing well with being healthy for a period, but struggled with making the changes into lasting habits.  So I created* the Psychological Profile for Weight Management, a reliable, evidence-based and FREE way to measure psychological transformations.

Here’s what we measure in the Profile:

  • Intuitive Eating
  • Difficulty Controlling Overeating (including emotional eating)
  • Dieting Mindset
  • Exercise Confidence
  • Stressed, Depressed, and Anxious Moods
  • Self-esteem
  • Body Image

So it’s really a comprehensive test of pretty much everything that’s important in your weight management headspace.

Back to my client, let’s call her “Jane”.  Jane and I were in session and she told me she had redone her questionnaire a year after doing it in our TMT program last year.  When Jane talked me through the results, every measure apart from one (you get that) had improved significantly.  Most of them had even “normalized”, meaning they had reached similar levels to the “average” person (and some were even better!).   This was one of those special moments where I thought “this is why I do what I do” and where I know we are on the right track with our new approach.

We always have ups and downs, natural ebbs and flows, in our weight management journey, so I just wanted to write to you and let you know that mindset change is possible….


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*When I say “created” it must be acknowledged that the questionnaire is a combination of several questionnaires from the academic world.  While I have spent years developing it as a free online tool, the credit must go to the researchers who have tirelessly dedicated their work to creating valid, reliable, and rigorous measures, and supporting this effort through free, implied, or specifically granted permissions.

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