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Experience The POWER Of Hypnotherapy (Webinar With Glenn)

By May 19, 2023Free Videos

In this live recorded webinar, our founder, psychologist, and hypnotherapist, Glenn Mackintosh shares his insights into the surprising scientific research on hypnotherapy, explains how hypnotherapy can help you overcome self-sabotage, and reveals new scientific advancements that can enhance your hypnotisability.

He invites participants – including you – to experience the benefits of hypnosis firsthand with a light hypnotic activity that helps you see a positive future version of yourself!

Glenn also invites participants to TRANCEform the way they eat, move, and feel in a 12-week webinar series in his life changing online program, the Transformation Support Community.

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Webinar chat box transcript:

00:21:21 Carolyn Cerecke: HI from Nelson in NZ
00:21:27 Gae Sharp: help everyone
00:21:33 Fiona Gilks: Hi from Geelong
00:21:34 Lawrence Crawford: Hello from Tas
00:21:42 Janelle Smith: Hi Everyone
00:21:50 Jeanie Herselman: Hello from Melbourne
00:21:54 Marcela Herrera: Hi all, from shellharbour
00:24:31 Patricia Aitken: Hi Trish here
00:25:44 Angela Pankhurst: Hi from Angela
00:26:59 Faith Storms: I can’t get any audio!
00:30:13 Weight Management Psychology: Hi Faith – try selecting a different audio option in Zoom – it might be going to the wrong speaker….
00:30:50 Faith Storms: I rejoined the call. Ok now!
00:30:55 Weight Management Psychology: Reacted to “I rejoined the call….” with ❤️
00:31:05 Carolyn Cerecke: Reacted to “I rejoined the call….” with 👍
00:35:22 Claire Howson: This makes so much sense!
00:35:29 Mina Hazemi: All the time
00:35:39 Angela Pankhurst: food food food
00:35:41 Jeanie Herselman: Feels like two personalities
00:35:41 Marcela Herrera: yep all the time
00:35:48 Faith Storms: All the time.
00:35:49 Fiona Gilks: We all know what to do……
00:36:03 Fiona Gilks: But my mind says otherwise
00:39:13 Gae Sharp: resetting my mind
00:39:13 Mina Hazemi: Falling sleep
00:39:18 Michelle Biddle: Cluck like a chicken
00:39:20 Faith Storms: Being out of control
00:39:25 Narelle Winter: entertainment
00:39:25 Lawrence Crawford: Paul McKenna
00:39:26 Anne Barrett: Clucking chickens
00:39:31 Rosamund Cooper: Losing my mind
00:39:43 Carolyn Cerecke: losing control
00:39:44 Angela Pankhurst: Ive tried it before for weight loss but it didn’t work for me. I didn’t feel anything different
00:39:45 Fiona Gilks: By fear is it won’t work as I sleep too deeply and sleep quickly
00:39:49 Claire Howson: Being under someone else’s control
00:40:08 Janelle Smith: Being guided by words
00:40:23 Marcela Herrera: \being a little vulnerable
00:40:26 Vesna Sprecic: Easy way out
00:48:07 Angela Pankhurst: are there people who cant be hypnotised??
00:57:55 Fiona Gilks: Agreed, have to fix my head
00:58:50 Angela Pankhurst: is there a limit to how often or how frequently a person can be hypnotised?
01:11:08 Weight Management Psychology: Well, I’ll be sleeping well tonight!!
01:11:13 Carolyn Cerecke: feeling of excitement
01:11:17 Mina Hazemi: Unfortunately fell asleep half way
01:11:31 Angela Pankhurst: at first I doubted that I could even envisage my future self & then it just came to me
01:11:34 Marcela Herrera: I felt like I was falling sleep
01:11:40 iPhone: Relaxed quickly
01:11:40 Jeanie Herselman: I feel super relaxed, but had trouble to imagine that future self
01:11:46 Fiona Gilks: Found it hard to close my mind to the noises in the house
01:11:49 Marion Perrin: Struggled with it.
01:11:50 Claire Howson: Next time I should bring some noise cancelling headphones. Just as I started to drift off, my dog started barking at the neighbour kids
01:11:55 Weight Management Psychology: Reacted to “at first I doubted t…” with ❤️
01:12:13 Anne Barrett: Joyful  energetic
01:12:15 Meryl Itzkowitz: Lightness, freedom t feel happy, god in a 360 degree circle all around me
01:12:17 Faith Storms: It felt comfortable but I couldn’t see my future self
01:12:20 Helen Andrews: My dog interrupted me with a toilet request…
01:12:24 Fiona Gilks: But I can imagine my future self
01:12:26 Carolyn Cerecke: does it still work if asleep or distracted?
01:12:38 Weight Management Psychology: Reacted to “My dog interrupted m…” with 😃
01:13:20 Weight Management Psychology: A Fresh Start Hypnosis (Free Hypnotherapy Session):
01:13:33 Lawrence Crawford: Thanks
01:13:46 Meryl Itzkowitz: *Good not G-d
01:14:02 Vesna Sprecic: I just went on imagening and stopped listening to you. I never know if this would be hypnosis(changing something in me) or “just” a daydreaming.
01:14:05 Carolyn Cerecke: glad that the future ones are 15 min
01:14:23 Meryl Itzkowitz: Yeah-  thank yu.  Very appreciative f your wrk and what yu share.   Thank u.
01:14:27 Weight Management Psychology: The TRANCEformational Hypnotherapy Series:
01:14:45 Weight Management Psychology: Reacted to “glad that the future…” with 👍
01:14:51 Weight Management Psychology: Reacted to “Yeah-  thank yu.  Ve…” with ❤️
01:15:59 Vesna Sprecic: What about waking several times through the night?
01:16:53 Angela Pankhurst: how often can we be hypnotised? Is there a limit to the frequency I can use it?
01:18:23 Fiona Gilks: Reacted to “how often can we be …” with 👍
01:19:49 Ingrid nierfeld: Which day of the week will this be held?
01:21:11 Fiona Gilks: Will the hypnotherapy be separate than the webinar?
01:23:51 Carolyn Cerecke: I love the library!!!!!
01:24:11 Weight Management Psychology: Reacted to “I love the library!!…” with ❤️
01:26:04 Weight Management Psychology: The TRANCEformational Hypnotherapy Series:
01:26:15 Marion Perrin: You mention visualisation a lot, I struggle to visualise things e.g. can’t close eyes and imagine (say) a beach or other lovely place.  Would the series still work?  Is that where the binaural tones help?
01:27:00 Rosamund Cooper: Me too Marion, was going to ask the same thing xx
01:27:02 Carolyn Cerecke: great question
01:27:15 Marion Perrin: Reacted to “Me too Marion, was g…” with 👍
01:28:27 Marcela Herrera: I missed the link
01:28:42 Weight Management Psychology: Here you go Marcela!
Transformation Support Community:
01:28:51 Marcela Herrera: Reacted to “Here you go Marcela!…” with 👍
01:29:22 Fiona Gilks: The subscription is for 90 days only?
01:30:33 Meryl Itzkowitz: Does one give a credit card and there’s an automatic monthly charge
01:30:45 Fiona Gilks: Reacted to “Does one give a cred…” with 👍
01:31:00 Meryl Itzkowitz: Fear f cmmitment
01:31:09 Meryl Itzkowitz: *of
01:31:26 Fiona Gilks: Reacted to “Fear f cmmitment” with 👍
01:31:49 Mina Hazemi: Thank you for your time and work 🌸
01:32:02 Rosamund Cooper: Is self hypnosis possible or do you always have to work with a hypnotherapist?
01:33:20 Gae Sharp: so we could join up now and opt out after the 90-day program?
01:34:06 Marion Perrin: Thanks.
01:34:48 Carolyn Cerecke: I am still here after 2 years…lol…amazing group!!💕
01:34:55 Weight Management Psychology: Reacted to “I am still here afte…” with ❤️
01:36:07 Rosamund Cooper: Brilliant! Thank you.
01:36:10 Meryl Itzkowitz: Can we save the webinars?
01:36:15 Marcela Herrera: is it as effective as being hypnotised in person
01:37:00 Weight Management Psychology: Here’s the link again if you missed it:
01:37:18 Gae Sharp: thank you Glenn, great session
01:37:18 Fiona Gilks: Thanks for taking your time to share tonight
01:37:23 Weight Management Psychology: Reacted to “Thanks for taking yo…” with ❤️
01:37:33 Carolyn Cerecke: Thanks Glenn really looking forward to this series👍
01:37:33 Marcela Herrera: Thanks
01:37:36 Lawrence Crawford: Thanks again
01:37:40 Nicole Kerwitz: Thank you!
01:37:41 Narelle Winter: Thank you
01:37:46 Angela Pankhurst: thanks so much
01:37:54 Jeanie Herselman: Thanks
01:37:57 Narelle Winter: Thanks Em
01:38:01 Janelle Smith: See you next time everyone
01:38:07 Vesna Sprecic: Thanks 🙂