EPISODE 51 Overcome fear of forbidden foods

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Overcoming fear of eating foods you feel are “bad”, “unhealthy” or “banned” can be tough.  You may not even want to try, worrying you will feel guilty, binge on them, and of course, gain weight if you allow them in.  But having rigid rules around foods leads to disordered eating habits that actually increase your risk of both unhealthy weight loss and unhealthy weight gain, not to mention having a massive cost to your state of mind and social life.  Fortunately learning to any food in moderation and without guilt is possible! Here are Glenn’s 3 top strategies for how you can do it, and he even includes a mindful eating exercise you can try along with him 🙂

At 07:15 Glenn takes you through a mindful eating exercise for making friends with previously banned foods.


Links from Video:

FILEX: http://bit.ly/2J2k1AK

Vid on Forbidden Foods: http://bit.ly/2A6Hht4

Vid on Explaining Non-Dieting to Others: http://bit.ly/2Ei7WVl

Vid on Becoming an Intuitive Eater: http://bit.ly/2tLoBAK

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