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Feeling “fat” won’t help you lose weight

By April 3, 2019April 6th, 2019Free Videos

I’m big on body positivity.

And that means loving your body more and judging it less!

But people often ask me:

“What if I really am fat? Aren’t I just ignoring the truth?” 

The reality is, the “truth” of your fatness is a really tricky question to get to the bottom of*.

So I like to think of things practically and, rather than dive into the bottomless pit of truth-finding, think about what is helpful or unhelpful.  As you’ll see in this short video, judging your body is often unhelpful as it tends to sabotage rather than motivate you.

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If you’re interested in this topic, you can see the full episode ‘Sometimes I love my body, sometimes I hate it… which one is “right”?’ here.

Yours in body positivity,


*Fatness is socially constructed.  From both a medical and a aesthetic perspective, opinion on what is “too fat” changes over time and varies greatly between cultures.

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