How To Start Loving Your Body (Interview with Leanne Ward)

By August 16, 2018Thursday Therapy YouTube

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We live in a society where MOST people don’t like their bodies, and body-image issues are affecting day-to-day our lives, leading to disordered eating, mental health conditions, and reduced quality of life.  So, in a weight-bias culture that idealises the thin ideal, how do we learn to love our bodies?

In this powerful 10-minute interview The Fitness Dietitian Leanne Ward and I answer Gigi’s question – “How do I learn to love my body?”, discussing:

✔︎  Why most people in today’s society don’t like their bodies
✔︎  Body positivity being like learning a new language
✔︎  A common misinterpretation about improving your body-image
✔︎  The first step to becoming authentically body-positive
✔︎  Why weight is the only remaining “socially acceptable” stigma
✔︎  How do circumnavigate the biggest cause of body-image problems
✔︎  How seeing thousands of thin images actually distorts your visual field
Our favourite body-positive advocates to follow!

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I hope you enjoyed the video, and would love you to try the “social media spring clean” we talk about – it’s how I often start body-image work with clients, and it’s a very powerful first step to authentic body-positivity!

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