How to Stop Emotional Eating (Interview with Libby Babet)

By August 2, 2018 Thursday Therapy YouTube

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Emotional eating is impacts your headspace AND your waistline.  So what actually is emotional eating, why do you do it, and most importantly, HOW DO YOU STOP?

In this juicy 20-minute interview super trainer, BUF Girls founder, and trainer from The Biggest Loser: Transformed, Libby Babet and Weight Management Psychology Founder Glenn Mackintosh discuss:

✔︎  What emotional eating IS (and how it differs from just loving food)!
✔︎  How emotional eating habits develop (it may not be what you think).
✔︎  Why Ben & Jerry’s is NOT your second boyfriend.
✔︎  The first step to freeing yourself from emotional eating.
✔︎  Libby’s #1 way to feel better without eating!
✔︎  How to shock yourself out of “Zombie Eating” and make better choices
✔︎  How to unlock “More Marvellous Methods to Manage Your Moods”
✔︎  Glenn’s favourite quick tip for if you feel like emotionally eating.
✔︎  How Lib & Glenn have “poo days” (and how we deal with them).

If you love this chat and feel like you need a helping hand to fully experience the benefits of freedom from emotional eating for yourself, we have a 6-week fully online program that will help you say goodbye to emotional eating forever, learn many more marvelous methods to manage moods, and feel a lot better as you let go of habits that were no good for your headspace (or your waistline)!

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Balloon Model of Emotional Eating
More Marvellous Methods to Manage Your Moods List

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