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How to stop overeating & losing control (Interview with Leanne Ward)

By December 20, 2018March 17th, 2019Free Videos

Overeating and binging are challenges that affect the physical and mental health of so many people.  In this short interview The Fitness Dietitian Leanne Ward and I answer Natalie’s question – “How do I stop overeating and losing control?” discussing:

✔︎  The most common cause of overeating & binging
✔︎  My go-to therapy for busting food cravings
✔︎  Why it’s impossible to a whole block of chocolate mindfully
✔︎  How you can eat less, but enjoy more
✔︎  The % of non-hungry eating that’s emotional (hint, it’s high!)
✔︎  A simple technique for getting in touch with your emotions
✔︎  Why overcoming emotional eating often improves your life in surprising ways
✔︎  Using your “x-factor” to create new (non-food) habits
✔︎  Going to non-food alternatives becomes easier over time

My Facebook Group’s favourite oldie-but-goodie non-food alternative!

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