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I want to lose weight but I don’t want an eating disorder. (Interview with Leanne Ward).

By February 28, 2019March 11th, 2019Free Videos

Many people want to lose weight, but no one wants the unhealthy relationship with food that often comes with it.   In this thought-provoking 8-minute interview The Fitness Dietitian Leanne Ward and I answer Shannon’s question – “How do you find the balance between losing weight and disordered eating? ” discussing:

✔︎  How weight loss plans can increase your risk of eating disorders
✔︎  How to tell if you’re on a diet or placing yourself at high risk
✔︎  Why Leanne and I aren’t great fans of focusing on weight loss
✔︎  Taking the focus off weight and placing it on health
✔︎  Improving your health at any shape or size
✔︎  How anyone can become an intuitive eater
✔︎  The importance of personalizing your way of eating
✔︎  The two things NOT to do if you do follow a weight loss plan

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I hope you enjoyed the video – as you know I’m not a fan of focusing on weight, but I know that it may be something you want to do, so I felt it would be worthwhile giving you some tips to help ensure your safety if you are following a weight loss plan or thinking of doing one in the future.

Yours in holistic wellbeing,


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