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Processed food kills your ability to enjoy natural food

By April 27, 2019Free Videos

Do you ever feel like nutritious foods are boring, tasteless, or just don’t “cut it” compared to some of your favourite sweets or soft-drinks?

As you know, I’m all about food freedom, so I will never tell you not to eat any food.

But I also know the food industry has some pretty devilish tricks to get you hooked on their foods, and that their methods of food processing not only make you want their foods more, but also make you want natural foods less….

In this video I share two key strategies the food industry uses to hoodwink your brain into thinking it wants their food.  Being aware of them will help empower you to make your own choices…not ones big brother wants you to make.

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If you’re interested in this topic, you can see the full video ‘Can I REALLY learn to love fruit and veg?’ here.

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