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WHY learn intuitive eating?

By September 9, 2019Free Videos

We’ve all heard about the benefits of intuitive eating.  But what exactly IS it and WHY is it so beneficial?

Research suggests intuitive eating* has 5 main components:

  1. A sense of freedom to eat all foods
  2. Paying attention to the eating experience
  3. Listening to hunger and fullness signals
  4. Transcending non-hungry eating cues
  5. Eating foods that make the body feel good

In this short video I talk you through why each of these abilities improves your relationship with food, helping you eat healthier without trying so hard.

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If you want to learn more about becoming an intuitive eater, you can watch the full video ‘Become an Intuitive Eater!’.

Yours in a healthy relationship with food,


*I talk about mindful eating in this video, while there are some differences between mindful and intuitive eating, I think it makes sense to think of them as essentially the same!

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