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End procrastination with this simple mind-hack!

By September 1, 2019Free Videos

Does procrastination get the better of you?

It used to get the better of me, until I learned this simple “hack” for becoming more productive and empowered.

Often we tell ourselves:

I’ll just relax for a bit and then I’ll do (insert important task)”.

While this reasoning may seem to make sense at the time, we often don’t end up doing either the task or the relaxing part very well (as the pesky task still hangs over our heads until we complete it)!

In this short video I show you how by reversing the order of the task and the relaxation, you not only make yourself more likely to do the task, but also more able to relax after you have.

And here’s the special sauce – every time you do this little mind-trick you actually make yourself less likely to procrastinate in the future!

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If you’d like to know the other two hacks that combine with this one to help you end procrastination for good*, see the full video ‘How do I overcome boredom eating?’  This episode also includes tips on overcoming “ProcrastinEATing” – eating while putting off an important task!

Yours in empowerment and productivity,


*Combining these three strategies improved my university grades a whole point, and has been vital in reaching all of my personal and professional goals.

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