EPISODE 52 Put Night Eating to Bed

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Overeating at night is a very common challenge.  Night eating can even reach a sub-clinical level of disordered eating called Night Eating Syndrome (NES) and it is often related to:

  • Low appetite in the morning
  • Feeling stressed or depressed (and this worsening in the evening)
  • Feeling like you want to eat everything at night (especially after dinner)
  • Problems with sleep, &
  • Weight gain

In this video I show you how to successfully address the causes of night eating and help you develop a new evening routine!


Hunger & Fullness Scale (Page 2)

Vid on alternative eating scripts

Tapping Program

Glenn’s Hypnosis Audio Program

Article on myth about eating breakfast

Article on medication and Night Eating Syndrome

Article on sleep, appetite, and weight

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