How to EMBRACE Body Positivity with Taryn Brumfitt (Pt. 1)

By August 30, 2018Thursday Therapy YouTube

Body positive psychologist Glenn Mackintosh interviews Director of “Embrace” & Founder of the Body Image Movement, Taryn Brumfitt. In Part 1 of this 3 Part Series, Taryn and Glenn discuss:

✔︎  Why EMBRACE has become part of Glenn’s work with clients (it’s a real must see!)
✔︎  That as a society we are over hating our bodies.
✔︎  How health professionals are as ready for change as their clients!
✔︎  Taryn’s surprise when achieving a bikini body actually made her miserable
✔︎  Her “Reverse Before-and-After” shot that went VIRAL & “broke people’s brains”
✔︎  How you can Embrace the miracle of your body…no matter what it looks like
✔︎  What “Embrace” means to Taryn & just how good it feels (hellooo energy!)
✔︎  Why it’s important for us to connect and share our stories
✔︎  Why you shouldn’t allow toxic messages (just because they are on your phone).
✔︎  How we can use our social media for the power of GOOD!
✔︎  Taryn’s favourite people to follow in the body positive community.

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Look forward to the next two parts of the series where we:

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