How to EMBRACE Body Positivity with Taryn Brumfitt (Pt. 3)

By September 27, 2018 Thursday Therapy YouTube

Body positive psychologist Glenn Mackintosh interviews Director of “Embrace” & Founder of the Body Image Movement, Taryn Brumfitt. In Part 3 of this 3 Part Series, Taryn and Glenn discuss:

✔︎  How EMBRACING has nothing to do with weight.
✔︎  Losing weight in a loving way.
✔︎  One thing to keep mindful of when making food choices.
✔︎  That loving yourself feels BETTER than weight loss.
✔︎  What to focus on if you DON’T focus on the scales.
✔︎  How to stop trying to control your body (relax, your body’s got you!)
✔︎  Glenn’s favourite tip to create trust in your body.
✔︎  That Taryn NEVER has bad body-image days (really!)
✔︎  How we deal with “sh*t” days (because we DO have them!)
✔︎  How fit-bits and calorie trackers disconnect us from bodies.
✔︎  How to find movement you love (hellooo dancing in PJs)!
✔︎  Accepting your body (when others around you don’t).
✔︎  Creating space for elevated conversations around bodies.
✔︎  How to make body positive pacts with your girl group!
✔︎  Dealing with grandparents fat shaming your kids.
✔︎  Finding body positive health professionals (there are more out there than ever!)
✔︎  Taryn’s advice for people who feel weight is stopping them finding a partner.
✔︎  How Taryn’s book covers important girl stuff we didn’t have time for

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If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Part 1 where Taryn shares her personal journey (and how you can embrace body positivity too!) and Part 2 where we talk through some brilliant body-image “how tos” and discuss co-creating the body positive community together!

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