How to EMBRACE Body Positivity with Taryn Brumfitt (Pt. 2)

By September 13, 2018 Thursday Therapy YouTube

Body positive psychologist Glenn Mackintosh interviews Director of “Embrace” & Founder of the Body Image Movement, Taryn Brumfitt. In Part 2 of this 3 Part Series, Taryn and Glenn discuss:

✔︎  How to become AUTHENTICALLY body positive.
✔︎  How Glenn “channels” Taryn when he wants to express himself!
✔︎ Why it’s important NOT to play by the rules.
✔︎ Becoming curious about how you can be true to yourself.
✔︎ Judging less, loving more.
✔︎ How we connect to co-create the body-positive community.
✔︎ Having conversations with people we DON’T agree with!
✔︎ How we can make room for everyone’s experiences of body-positivity.
✔︎ Why it’s important to be vulnerable.
✔︎ How anyone can make the commitment to Embrace at any time.
✔︎ How to “find your tribe” (of friends and health professionals!)
✔︎ The importance of sharing stories and elevating conversations.
✔︎ How to find time for activities that bring you joy, fun, & a sense of adventure.

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If you liked this interview you can view Part 1 where you learn from Taryn’s personal story or Part 3 which dives deep into how body positivity relates to eating, movement and weight management!

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