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Is your environment sabotaging your weight?

By November 10, 2019Free Videos

You probably blame yourself for weight gain.

But the reality is, the biggest reason why people the world over are weighing more than they have before has nothing to do with us as individuals.

The problem is what researchers call the “obesogenic environment”.

While I don’t love those words, they highlight that our current environment, with an over abundance of freely available – and often highly processed – food, is making it harder for us to eat nutritiously, causing health problems as well as weight gain.

Here’s a quick video about it:

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I believe this means any weight gain you’ve experienced is not actually your fault.

Of course, just because something isn’t your fault doesn’t mean it’s not your responsibility.  If want to take charge of your eating in a food-rich environment which sometimes makes it difficult, you can check out the full video ‘Food is everywhere…and it’s AFTER ME!’.

Yours in creating a health-supportive environment,


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