How to Love Your Body Healthy (Interview with Libby Babet)

By October 11, 2018 Thursday Therapy YouTube

Your body-image impacts your entire life, including your eating, physical activity, and weight management.  So what is body-image and how do we improve it?

In this juicy 20-minute interview super trainer, BUF Girls founder, and trainer from The Biggest Loser: Transformed, Libby Babet and Weight Management Psychology Founder Glenn Mackintosh discuss:

✔︎ The number one cause of body-image concerns.
✔︎ Why it’s NORMAL to have a negative body-image.
✔︎ Why body-shame is like being in “The Matrix”.
✔︎ How loving your body is a rebellious act!
✔︎ Why your negative body thoughts are NOT yours.
✔︎ Developing your own beauty standards.
✔︎ What triggers Libby’s negative body image thoughts (yes, she has them!)
✔︎ The thing that tells us that positive body image is not all about being attractive.
✔︎ How body image avoidance can make your life smaller (and how to overcome it!)
✔︎ How Libby’s husband Justin reacted to gaining weight on holidays!
✔︎ How body positivity is NOT a weight loss tool.
✔︎ How we are all different shapes and sizes – like dogs in the dog park!
✔︎ What happens when people become AUTHENTICALLY body positive.
✔︎ How knowing the difference between “body weight” & “body image” can change your life.
✔︎ How working on body image doesn’t have to be traumatic.
✔︎ Two strategies Glenn uses to improve the body image of almost every client.
✔︎ Libby changing her own social media posts after watching one of Glenn’s videos (good for health professionals!)
✔︎ How your body positivity benefits EVERYONE.
✔︎ How body positivity is closely linked with positivity towards yourself in general!

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